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wausauloner - Tue Jul 02 2013

07:41 AM #
Pete and I have decided against confronting our prisoners with the phrase, "Reindeer, Wolf Sequence," to see if it prompts a reaction.

07:44 AM #
The four cultists are true zealots. They might react enough to confirm the message was meant for them, but that would probably be about it.

07:47 AM #
We're already operating under the assumption that it was a message from "Reaper HQ," so all we'd gain is a little peace of mind. #zombies

07:50 AM #
We decided it would be more valuable to keep that information secret, perhaps to confirm any information they ever give us if they break.

07:53 AM #
So we've added a list of questions, like, "what codes do you use?" that our interrogators will keep asking the prisoners. #zompocalypse

07:56 AM #
Not that they're likely to tell us, but maybe they'll slip up and inadvertently give us a hint. Bad guys always brag in the movies, right?