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wausauloner - Thu Jul 04 2013

05:18 AM #
We're heading back to that ambulance near the Weston Medical Campus. Our force is much larger today so we can deal with the local zombies.

05:21 AM #
We're going to see how close we can get to the hospital and clinic buildings themselves. We don't really expect to be able to get into them.

05:24 AM #
Such facilities got "hot" with undead on Z-day and haven't been safe to approach since. We've wanted to clear them out for a long time.

05:27 AM #
We'd surely have done so by now if we hadn't had to devote so much manpower to building up our defenses from an expected Reaper attack.

01:36 PM #
That was a lot of work, but worth it. The ambulance was on its side. We were able to winch it upright, replace the battery, & drove it away.

01:39 PM #
Doing so allowed us to salvage more than the radio we were after. There were many non-perishable medical supplies inside. #zompocalypse

01:42 PM #
Amazingly, there were still three zombies inside the ambulance. One was wearing an orange highway construction vest. The others were EMTs.

01:45 PM #
That would make the tree among the first victims of the zombie plague back on Z-day. The construction worker turned and attacked the others.

01:48 PM #
It explains why the ambulance flipped over some distance from the hospital it was headed for. As expected, we didn't get into the building.

04:33 PM #
Theodore, The Farm Colonies' resident record-keeper, says today is the Fourth of July. We won't be celebrating with any fireworks. #zombies

04:36 PM #
Sadly, many of the old holidays have become less meaningful since the zombies rose.The civilization that celebrated them has fallen.