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wausauloner - Fri Jul 05 2013

02:19 AM #
I have to go back to where we salvaged the ambulance yesterday. I didn't have time to check something. Not knowing...Well, I couldn't sleep.

02:22 AM #
I have to check the bodies of the two former EMTs. One of them might have been a neighbor and friend from back before Z-day. I have to know.

02:25 AM #
I'm sure Ted--that was his name--was called to the scene of the construction accident on I39, one of two sites where the Z-plague broke out.

02:28 AM #
The two EMTs in the ambulance...their faces were too chewed up by the zombie that infected them and too decayed in the years since Z-day...

02:31 AM #
...but there may be IDs on the bodies. Our focus was on righting and salvaging the ambulance yesterday. Today will be different. #zombies

11:33 AM #
Neither of the bodies were Ted. I didn't recognize the names on the IDs they were carrying. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse #zompocalypse

11:36 AM #
I was able to use my bow from cover to create a safe space around the area. After checking the bodies, I stacked all the dead and set a fire

11:39 AM #
The smoke plume attracted many more nearby undead, so I used the distraction to get a look at the hospital and clinic buildings. #zombie

11:42 AM #
It looked to me like there was a fire on the top floor of one wing that didn't spread to the rest of the interconnected buildings. #zombies

11:45 AM #
I didn't see any obvious signs of barricading. Just lots of broken windows and smashed doors. A car was half-stuck in one. #zompocalypse

11:48 AM #
There were undead visible on every floor of every building and many more around the buildings that weren't distracted by my fire. #zombies

11:51 AM #
With the buildings overrun early on Z-day and remaining more or less intact, there's probably a lot of valuable salvage inside. Some day.