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wausauloner - Sun Jul 07 2013

03:10 AM #
Almost time to go out on another rat patrol. The damn things creep me out almost as much as the zombies. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:11 AM #
We spent the morning pumping more of that homemade poison gas into known rat colonies that have been hit before. More always move back in.

07:14 AM #
They eat the flesh of the rats killed before. I guess rats have always been cannibals when their population and food sources boom and bust.

07:17 AM #
The gas has been more effective than poisoning the meat directly, so these return trips are fairly routine for Fort NTC's rat patrols.

10:11 AM #
I counted 8 feral cats yesterday and 5 more so far today. Their numbers are up as more litters survive searching zombies and waves of rats.

10:14 AM #
Fort NTC itself is full of cats. They protect the stored food, and even the crops growing over summer. There's a cat-breeding program there.

01:21 PM #
In case you were wondering, the rats don't eat zombie flesh. They leave the bodies of the dead we've downed alone, even when they're hungry.