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wausauloner - Mon Jul 08 2013

04:12 AM #
Another day with Fort NTC's rat patrol. Just heard a joke: If we don't kill enough of them, they'll be all that's left to eat this winter.

04:15 AM #
Maybe it wasn't much of a joke. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:17 AM #
My work with the rat patrol is being cut short. The comm team up on Rib Mountain picked up another coded Reaper broadcast. #zompocalypse

10:11 AM #
Shorty and I are up on Rib. The comm team recorded the broadcast they picked up in the frequency range they've been monitoring. #zombies

10:14 AM #
They're playing the recording over and over, trying to figure out anything they can from it. Like last time, it was three repeated words.

10:17 AM #
The code words: "Weather, tractor shadow...Weather, tractor shadow..." The recording was 187 seconds long. We heard no reply. #zombies

10:20 AM #
Also like last time, the frequency the message was on changed over the course of the broadcast, getting lower before the signal faded out.

10:23 AM #
Listeners in The Farm Colonies were alerted immediately, and they picked up the last two minutes of the broadcast. #zombie #zompocalypse

10:26 AM #
Unfortunately, even though both receiving stations were ready, they were unable to get bearings and triangulate the source of the signal.

10:29 AM #
I've decided we need to get our allies working on this project. We're going to use "runners" to get the information and plans to them.

10:32 AM #
I'm going to Camp Tesomas to get our allies there on the program. It will also give me a chance to see how Shawn's people are doing there.

10:50 AM #
@cytrum Vehicles & gear depend on whatever I'm trying to accomplish. I usually get by with a modded hybrid Tahoe, a bow, and a spiked "bat."