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wausauloner - Tue Jul 09 2013

07:32 AM #
The radio team at Camp Tesomas is up to speed on the mystery of the Reaper radio broadcasts. They'll help monitor the targeted frequencies.

07:35 AM #
They don't have as much gear or a large comm team, but at least one person will be at the radio 24/7, ready to help triangulate the source.

07:38 AM #
As for the latest on Shawn's "duck" people... I think the rank and file are settling in. They like not having to be on the run. #zombies

07:41 AM #
John isn't happy about it. He doesn't want to be at Tesomas if it is the Reapers' next target. Tina has accepted the status quo. #zombies

07:44 AM #
Shawn knows that the next encounter with the Reapers, wherever it is, will be the first true test of their peoples' resolve. #zompocalypse

07:47 AM #
He's standing guard here as I tweet these messages from the tower site in Rhinelander I use when I visit Tesomas. Still many zombies around.