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wausauloner - Fri Jul 12 2013

04:39 AM #
There was another Reaper radio interception last night. Our allies in the fortified UWSP campus picked it up. It was similar to the others.

04:42 AM #
However, this time the broadcast was very short--less than a minute--and it never came in clearly. Other stations didn't catch any of it.

04:45 AM #
Other aspects of the broadcast remained the same: three random words were repeated over and over and the frequency dropped the whole time.

04:48 AM #
So that mystery continues. Shawn and I and a few others are going back out to see how our dam is doing and if the water has risen enough.

10:54 AM #
Our makeshift dam is working. The water has come up out of the main channel a little, though Boom Lake still looks more like a river.

10:57 AM #
The current has pressed several zombies up against the debris we used to fill in the busted dam gate, adding to the blockage. #zompocalypse

11:01 AM #
It reminds me of what happened at the Weyerhaeuser dam near my home shortly after the zombies rose, though on a much smaller scale. #zombies

11:03 AM #
We put a headshot into each of the zombies so that their constant struggle to free themselves wouldn't disturb the junk making up our dam.