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wausauloner - Mon Jul 15 2013

09:06 AM #
It was uncomfortable at Tesomas this morning. John didn't like us taking risks to collect animal traps Fort NTC can use to catch rats.

09:09 AM #
He wants our salvage runs to the boating supply stores to be completely focused on things the amphibious ducks need. #zombie #zompocalypse

09:12 AM #
He seems to truly believe he can convince the people he, Tina, and Shawn lead to leave and continue on to the Boundary Waters. #zombies

09:15 AM #
It's possible, tho every day the duck people spend with other survivors in our alliance makes that less likely, at least in peaceful times.

09:18 AM #
The ongoing conflict has led to John and Shawn avoiding each other except when they have leadership commitments. Tina plays peacemaker.

09:21 AM #
As for this current project, Shawn heads the salvage work in the field while John stays back at Tesomas, sorting what we bring back. #zombie