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wausauloner - Tue Jul 16 2013

04:20 AM #
We're putting off salvaging until later. Our plan is to clear out some zombies around that big boating store, then go back there after dark.

04:23 AM #
From what we saw yesterday, the water level has risen enough for us to approach from the water side and use the back dock. #zompocalypse

04:26 AM #
That side should be safer, though cutting the zombies' numbers will keeps us from attracting more of the undead things as we work. #zombies

10:01 AM #
We re-killed upwards of fifty zombies around the boating supply store and led many more away from the place. Several dozen are still there.

10:04 AM #
To give ourselves a chance to raid it in peace, we left behind some surprises to distract the remaining local zombie population. #zombies

10:07 AM #
It's a simple trick: we dropped off a variety of timed devices...old mechanical alarm clocks, travel alarms, and even some recharged phones.

10:10 AM #
They'll start going off at 1 AM, pulling zombies away from where we want to go and giving us noise cover. It's an idea Shawn came up with.

10:13 AM #
Hopefully, the zombies won't trash the devices and we can pick them up when things settle down and use the trick again. #zompocalypse

10:16 AM #
Well, time to head back to Tesomas and catch some sleep before heading back out on the water under cover of darkness. Everything's ready.