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wausauloner - Wed Jul 17 2013

02:11 AM #
All things considered, that went OK. The zombies fell for the alarms. Between the dark and the noise, they never knew we were there. #zombie

02:14 AM #
We worked for several hours. Because it was dark, we weren't picky and just kept grabbing everything we could find in the boat shop. #zombie

02:17 AM #
We got so much stuff that we sent the duck back here to this cell tower site so we could drop off a load of salvage and fill the boat again.

02:20 AM #
In the end, we even filled up the inflatable rafts we used to shuttle between the dock and the duck and towed them out behind us as we left.

02:23 AM #
We might have a lot of useless stuff in some of the boxes we found in a storage area. John will sort out the haul when we get back. #zombies

12:32 PM #
It looks like we emptied out that big boat supply store just in time. Another salvage team says our temporary dam washed out. #zompocalypse

12:35 PM #
I'm on my way to check it out and maybe grab a few of the alarm clocks we used to distract zombies last night. Maybe the Zs have dispersed.