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wausauloner - Sun Jul 21 2013

05:58 AM #
Minocqua Lake is slowly filling up. Our temporary dam is doing fine. We made it better than the one we set up for Rhinelander. #zompocalypse

06:02 AM #
This time we also kept our bulldozer from sliding in to where we couldn't get it out. We're all learning new skills here in the zompocalypse

06:04 AM #
I'm on my own again today, by the way. Shawn was gone when I got up. I think he's looking for the missing boxes he and John argued about.

06:07 AM #
Shorty and I and a couple of scouts (literally and figuratively) from the converted scout camp at Tesomas are looking for more dam sites.

06:10 AM #
They know all the ways around impassable zones and zombie concentrations. Having the ducks here permanently would really help with travel.