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wausauloner - Tue Jul 23 2013

12:45 PM #
I checked the dam and spiked a few zombies that collected at it. It's part of the routine until the lake fills up enough for navigation.

12:48 PM #
I had a talk with Tina last night. She's John's sister and Shawn's wife. Together, the three lead the duck people. She's in a difficult spot

12:51 PM #
Their conflict has been rough on her. She has avoided taking sides. But I could tell something was bothering her more than usual. #zombies

12:54 PM #
I asked her what was going on. She said some of their hosts at Tesomas fielded a complaint from some of their people about misplaced garbage

12:57 PM #
It seemed silly to her, but in deference to her hosts she followed up on it. It was a badly sited burnpile. Only ash and debris remained.

01:00 PM #
The Tesomas people were concerned about the fire safety issue. Tina was more upset by the fact that somebody was secretly burning something.

01:03 PM #
She looked at what remained carefully and came to the conclusion that some large staples in the ash probably came from large packing boxes.

01:06 PM #
Upon realizing that, she immediately thought about the boxes Shawn has been looking for, which John claims held nothing special. #zombies

01:09 PM #
She thinks John must be lying, else why not put the empty boxes to good use or treat them like regular trash? Why burn them separately?

01:12 PM #
In the end, we agreed that if Shawn is right, then John destroyed the boxes to hide clues about what was contained inside of them. #zombies