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wausauloner - Thu Jul 25 2013

04:12 AM #
Minocqua is almost an island again. Shawn and I are taking his amphibious duck, The Millennium Mallard, on a recon trip. #zompocalypse

04:15 AM #
It will be a few days before the water gets back to pre-Z-day levels, if our dam holds out that long. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

04:18 AM #
If we didn't have these modded tourist ducks, we couldn't get there safely at all. Tesomas tried each winter. Too far. Too dangerous.

11:51 AM #
Shawn and I got a good look around Minocqua Lake and Minocqua itself. The place is choked with vehicles from refugees. #zompocalypse

11:54 AM #
There were barricades everywhere, signs of fortifications on many buildings. A ditch and a big wall on the north side severed access there.

11:57 AM #
The barricades and walls--with the exception of that ditch and wall on the north side--all look haphazard and thrown together. #zompocalypse

12:00 PM #
In most areas, the barricading was clearly ineffective. It was hard to tell, however, if the defenses were knocked over from inside or out.

12:03 PM #
At any rate, there are zombies crawling all over Minocqua, both inside and outside the aging barriers. Some came out to chase us around.

12:06 PM #
For awhile, Shawn played pied piper. He led zombies out away from Minocqua by driving the duck nice and slow. Then he'd drive into the lake.

12:07 PM #
@cytrum Crawlers are what we call zombies that can't walk. Most lost too much muscle mass in the legs when they were infected.

12:09 PM #
The zombies would follow until they were submerged, then he'd loop around and back onto dry land. A couple hundred are now in the water.

12:12 PM #
@suelder Will do!

12:12 PM #
It's not enough to make Minocqua safe, but it's a start. We're heading back there tomorrow. We want to look at the barrier on the north side