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wausauloner - Fri Jul 26 2013

11:21 AM #
Shawn and I spent the day scouting Minocqua again. We got a good look at the ditch and wall on the north side. It was no slipshod job.

11:24 AM #
When we got close, we could see the wall extended out from two large, connected, brick buildings. One was a Save More grocery store.

11:27 AM #
A third building was connected by a wall like the one we saw from the water. That wall was actually two, extending out from the 3 buildings.

11:30 AM #
Another wall, that appears to have failed, was started on the south side of the buildings' parking lot. We've found an old survivor redoubt.

11:33 AM #
We took some pictures and are taking them back to Tesomas to analyze. If we can re-secure the place, it would be a good staging base.