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wausauloner - Sun Jul 28 2013

10:21 AM #
Our plans to take Minocqua back from the zombies are coming together. The first step will be to re-secure that fallen survivor base we found

10:24 AM #
When the water rises enough, the north side will be secure and the south side will only have two narrow approaches from the south. #zombies

10:27 AM #
We'll motor in from the water using a dozen or so of the zompocalypse-modded ducks to haul in a hundred or so fighters. We'll clear the area

10:30 AM #
The ducks themselves will form a wall on the south side until we can put up a fence, then turn that into a full-fledged wall. #zompocalypse

10:33 AM #
Once we have a safe base, we'll work our way down to the island proper and take out every zombie in Minocqua. We just need the water to rise