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wausauloner - Fri Aug 02 2013

08:47 AM #
Thanks, @Suelder. I know he's up to something. My eyes are open. RT @wausauloner I don't really trust John. You be careful around him, okay?

08:50 AM #
Back from another trip to Minocqua's central island. We did a quick drop-off of some materials we'll need to build our anti-zombie wall.

08:53 AM #
We dropped off several loads of pre-fabricated wall sections that we can link together to keep zombies out of our beachhead. #zompocalypse

08:56 AM #
Putting all that material on shore now will allow us to bring more zombie fighters on the ducks when we make our move. We'll need every one.

08:59 AM #
Our plan is to spend a couple more days preparing and dropping off gear as the water rises the last few feet we need to narrow the isthmus.

09:02 AM #
Zombie fighters from the Camp Tesomas base and the duck people have been drilling together for the amphibious "invasion" into the dead city.

09:05 AM #
Shawn is in charge of the ducks. Jack and Alan--two young men I met in 2010 who helped form the Tesomas colony--will lead the fight ashore.

09:08 AM #
I'm surprised John is letting Shawn take on a bigger leadership role without a fight. I just can't figure him out lately. #zompocalypse

09:11 AM #
I lost track of him while we were putting our wall sections ashore. There were too many zombies around and I was pretty busy with my bow...

09:14 AM #
...But I'm pretty sure John was more interested in looking around than he was in the delivery or fighting off the zombies trying to eat us.