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wausauloner - Sat Aug 03 2013

11:51 AM #
We dropped off some more pre-fabricated wall sections, some cyclone fencing rolls, and some spindles of barbed wire at our future beachhead.

11:54 AM #
Most of the wall sections came from a couple of constructions sites. The materials were meant for pre-zompocalypse developments. #zombies

11:57 AM #
They're essentially just sheets of plywood with 2x4 frames attached and some bracing. They will be erected quickly and connected by bolts.

12:00 PM #
One of the two large brick buildings at the site is in good shape. It was a grocery store. The other was badly damaged in a fire. #zombies

12:03 PM #
I think it was either a lumber store or a hardware store. It is hard to tell with all the damage to it. Only outer brick walls are still up.

12:06 PM #
We had to clear out a lot of zombies around the site again. John was definitely checking out the surroundings, but I guess we all were.