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wausauloner - Sun Aug 04 2013

01:10 PM #
Today we did something different in our preparations to re-take Minocqua's central island from the zombies. Our "invasion" is imminent.

01:13 PM #
What we did was a variation of the old "pied piper" routine: We led zombies away from where we want to establish our beachhead. #zombies

01:16 PM #
We used the amphibious, zompocalypse-modded tourist ducks to travel slowly away from the beachhead. Quite a few zombies went into the water.

01:19 PM #
Most didn't stay in the water, not with so many zombies on shore that were all jazzed-up by seeing prey. They gathered together in bunches.

01:22 PM #
Anyway, the consensus opinion is that the water is high enough to begin our operation tomorrow. I'll be back online when I can. #zombies