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wausauloner - Mon Aug 05 2013

03:13 AM #
Just making a quick stop here at the cell tower site I've been using near Rhinelander to leave the watchers in the DARPA station a message:

03:16 AM #
We will only have one shortwave radio with us at the beachhead in Monocqua until it is fully secured. We will be using pre-set freq GAMMA.

03:19 AM #
Please alert the comm team on Rib Mountain and have them confirm with today's standard mic click code. Will acknowledge same and via tweet.

03:22 AM #
While I'm waiting: I'm taking a mini-anomaly-forming bucket of zombie heads to Minocqua. I'm hoping to find another cell tower site there.

03:26 AM #
Temporary comm frequencies confirmed. We didn't want to begin our operation to clear Minocqua of zombies without a safety net. It begins NOW

07:45 PM #
Is this getting through? Can't get any closer to this tower site. Zombies pushing us back. We're encircled. Holding our own. Could use help.

07:48 PM #
John is missing. Nobody is answering our shortwave. Please acknowledge on freq GAMMA. Alert Tesomas. Tell them to approach via NW shore.

07:51 PM #
More zombies than expected. Especially in the water. They cut off our retreat. Our prefab walls are holding. Not resorting to guns yet.

07:54 PM #
Gotta go. Some Zs saw the light from my Blackberry's screen. I have to get back behind the main wall. Please use shortwave ASAP.