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wausauloner - Tue Aug 06 2013

05:02 AM #
Did not receive any shortwave broadcast after last request. Antenna damaged. Rigging up alternate. Still surrounded. Walls still holding.

05:04 AM #
Zombies are arriving in clumps. Trying to clear bodies between waves so they don't pile over the walls. ...I've been noticed. Going back in.

12:30 PM #
Our people are getting worn out. We need help soon. Are you not receiving these? Can't make out your shortwave broadcasts. Audio garbled.

12:33 PM #
No help arrived. Not from Tesomas or other allies. Zombies arrive as fast as we put them down. Situation worsening. Still no sign of John.

12:36 PM #
Not going to be able to clear a path to this tower site again for awhile. The zombies keep coming. Out of time.