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wausauloner - Wed Aug 07 2013

12:13 AM #
Zombies might be thinning. But still no help has arrived. No comms from anybody. We are in the dark. What is happening out there? More Zs.

06:21 AM #
John is back--and he brought help! Just after dawn, the rest of the amphibious duck fleet brought in a force of duck and Tesomas fighters...

06:24 AM #
They went ashore to the south of us at Torpy Park, making enough noise to...well, wake the dead. They distracted the zombies advancing on us

06:27 AM #
They hit the undead horde with a crackle of continuous gunfire. We kept quiet--still not resorting to guns ourselves--and the Zs forgot us.

06:30 AM #
The old northern wall built by those who tried to make a stand here before us saw more zombie activity, but it was too high for the Zs.

06:33 AM #
John's force is now skirting the shores of Minocqua's central island, picking off Zs with 22s. They're scaling back the noise as the Zs drop

06:36 AM #
We've been able to reinforce our temporary prefab barrier and pull our ducks away from wall duty so we can evacuate if we have to. #zombies

06:39 AM #
For now, I think we're safe. The constant pressure of oncoming zombies has stopped. Half our fighters are already catching some sleep.

06:42 AM #
We're not giving up this hard-won beachhead. Give us 24 hours and we'll start clearing the island. You can count on it. #zompocalypse

07:54 AM #
We've definitely turned a corner here. John's reinforcements are now working Woodruff's end of the isthmus, reducing the horde to our north.

07:57 AM #
This wasn't the way we planned to clear Minocqua of zombies--we wanted to go carefully and slowly--but it's working out in the end. #zombies

08:01 AM #
John made a brief connection with us using a CB (our shortwave is still not working, btw). We were able to confirm we had zero casualties!

08:03 AM #
He apologized for disappearing on us when the fight began. He said his prop fouled on something--probably a zombie--and he lost mobility.

08:06 AM #
John still carried out his mission, using oars to place boomboxes on southern Minocqua docks to distract as many zombies from us as possible

08:09 AM #
He knocked out boards so zombies from shore couldn't get to the boomboxes, but others swarmed up the pilings and got to them anyway.

08:12 AM #
John lost his oars in the process and was adrift with no way to get back to us. He eventually used debris to paddle to a remote shore.

08:15 AM #
He then was able to drive his duck back to Tesomas, get every remaining fighter who could be spared, and mount a rescue party. #zombies

08:18 AM #
I asked him why nobody from The Farm Colonies or Fort NTC came up to help us and he said they were busy, but "it was all over." What's over?

08:21 AM #
John said he'd explain when the zombie danger to our north was reduced. He didn't want to leave Tesomas undermanned long. I'm frustrated.

04:02 PM #
I got some sleep. I can still hear John's team, shooting up zombies to our north. Maybe some to the south, too. Our base is quiet, secure.

04:05 PM #
Most of the undead still trickling up to our perimeter wall are coming out of the water. Nothing we can't handle if we're careful. #zombies

04:08 PM #
My turn to go on watch. I'm hoping to have that conversation with John by morning. If he doesn't come here, I'm going to him. #zompocalypse