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wausauloner - Thu Aug 08 2013

03:02 AM #
With everyone rested, teams are going into Minocqua to start clearing the remaining zombies. We found out why we were nearly overwhelmed...

03:04 AM #
There's a large depression just south of here that we didn't detect during our scouting missions. It had collected many, many zombies.

03:07 AM #
Apparently, they'd become covered in a tangle of muck and debris, though that didn't stop them when they realized prey was near. #zombies

03:10 AM #
So their number was added to the large horde of zombies we already knew about, giving us almost more than we could handle. #zompocalypse

03:13 AM #
I'm not joining the zombie-clearing parties until later. John's team went back to Tesomas. He's coming here to fill me in on events I missed

05:41 AM #
John has arrived. He's being greeted as a hero by most everyone here. He broke the zombie siege just in time. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:44 AM #
What the hell? John said Reapers attacked several of the border forts our alliance set up on the remaining navigable roads into our lands.

05:47 AM #
They may have been probing attacks, or maybe feints, but they caused a lot of damage. The cultists killed scores of defenders. #zompocalypse

05:50 AM #
The attacks used military-grade weapons, including mortars and wire-guided anti-tank weapons. He turned our forts into rubble. #zompocalypse

05:53 AM #
Anon was on the radio saying he could have taken the border forts, only he was merciful and wanted to give those within the chance to flee.

05:56 AM #
But Anon didn't just mean the forts...he meant ALL the people who've joined our alliance. He said anybody who joins us against him will die.

05:59 AM #
The attack was over quickly. Damn. I have to get back to Wausau and learn the rest of what happened. I can't see this mission to the end.

01:01 PM #
Back in Wausau where I have spent the last several hours with Pete receiving updates from our people out in the field. #zombie #zompocalypse

01:04 PM #
All the border forts the Reapers hit are in bad shape. The one on I39 south of Point is completely smashed. Anon made quite a demonstration.

01:07 PM #
Anon wanted to shake the strength of our alliance and he's done so. Pete is in damage control mode. We can't afford to lose too many people.

08:02 PM #
Pete just finished up a marathon HAM radio broadcast. It may have done the trick. We'll lose some people, tho maybe not as many as we feared

08:05 PM #
All the leaders of those groups who've allied themselves to us chimed in at the end, saying our only chance is to stick together. #zombies

08:08 PM #
All except for the duck people. They didn't join the broadcast. I fear that John's suddenly increased influence will lose us that group.

08:11 PM #
I was watching out for infiltrators while Pete spoke until he couldn't continue. He hasn't fully recovered from the last attempt on his life

08:14 PM #
Zombies...Reaper cultists... It's been a long, terrible day. I'm exhausted. Beat. I hope I don't dream tonight. #zombies #zompocalypse