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wausauloner - Fri Aug 09 2013

07:10 AM #
I have some more news on the Reaper border attacks. Surviving defenders think only small but well-armed groups of cultists were involved.

07:13 AM #
That may indicate that the main body of Rapture's Reapers cultists is still on its way here from down south. There are other theories...

07:16 AM #
Some believe the attack was meant to keep us from going to look for the Reaper main body using our own vehicles. I don't buy that. #zombies

07:19 AM #
While the forts guarded the only navigable roads in or out of our land, we could quickly fill in a ditched road somewhere to get a force out

07:22 AM #
A more likely scenario is that the attacks were meant to distract us so that infiltrators could sneak in and set up a watch on our bases.

07:25 AM #
Patrols and camouflaged observation posts have been added to watch for Reapers sneaking around. Our coverage is still unfortunately sparse.

07:28 AM #
We've known a Reaper attack has been coming for a long time. Anon is fixated on taking Wausau because it's where the zombie plague started.

07:31 AM #
I just wish we had more information about his plans and where the next big Reaper attack will fall. We need intelligence. Somehow. #zombies