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wausauloner - Sat Aug 10 2013

04:50 AM #
I'm frustrated. I want to go to the border forts to talk firsthand to people who were there and look at the situation with my own eyes...

04:53 AM #
Pete won't allow it. After the Spring Green incident, he doesn't want to give Reaper infiltrators the chance to play sniper on a high-ranker

04:56 AM #
I guess it makes sense. Even if any Reaper infiltrators that exist are just watching our response, it would give them dangerous information.

07:59 AM #
Guess who now has to wear a salvaged bulletproof vest anytime they're outside? Yep. This guy. And a bunch of others in Pete's "cabinet."

08:02 AM #
I've actually been wearing one whenever I expect (or go looking for) trouble. But the more administrative types are chafing at Pete's edict.

12:10 PM #
Some more leaders from the forts have come by to describe what happened. I talked to them for awhile after their formal report. #zombies

12:13 PM #
They were from different forts. All agree that the Reapers could have pressed their attacks and done more damage. #zompocalypse #zombies

12:16 PM #
It doesn't make much sense to use up the military ordinance they've salvaged in simple demonstration attacks. Well, Anon isn't exactly sane.