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wausauloner - Sun Aug 11 2013

07:12 AM #
Some good news: The border forts are being repaired and reinforced faster than we expected. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

07:15 AM #
We're also heartened by the fact that even though they were badly damaged, they still blocked the highways from easy use by Reaper vehicles.

07:18 AM #
Truth be told, that's the main reason they're there. They'll slow the advance of the Reapers' heavy weapons and zombie wagons. #zombies

11:21 AM #
Tina has asked me to return to Minocqua. The zombie clean-up is going well, but the conflict between Shawn and John is escalating. #zombies

11:24 AM #
Well, I missed the fight down here and can only do so much after the fact. Up there, I have a chance to make a difference. #zompocalypse

11:27 AM #
I'm going to head up right away. A salvage convoy left Fort NTC for Tesomas a little while ago. I should be able to catch up to it. #zombies