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wausauloner - Mon Aug 12 2013

04:27 AM #
I'm back in Minocqua in the newly secured area north of the beachhead we were stuck in last week. Much progress has been made here. #zombies

04:30 AM #
The safe zone to the north was extended outwards on the east side of the isthmus along an old railroad bed, now lined with slatted fencing.

04:33 AM #
It's kind of like a cyclone fence tunnel with slats of scrap cardboard woven into it to create a visual barrier to undead eyes. #zombies

04:36 AM #
It doesn't have to keep zombies out long. It just keeps them from seeing inside it so I can sneak to this cell tower site. Tina had it built

04:39 AM #
The zombies on the Woodruff side are thinner now, but if a clump saw me in here I'd be in trouble fast. I'd have to run for the main wall.

04:42 AM #
So I'm going to double-check all the posts and make sure this tunnel isn't a death trap, then I'll share news of what brought me back here.

05:54 AM #
I'm back at the cell tower site, sitting on the mini-anomaly bucket full of deadheads, keeping a watchful eye out through the slats. #zombie

05:57 AM #
Shorty is with me. Her nose might catch something my eyes miss. Shawn and a few of his most loyal people are on watch at the main wall.

06:00 AM #
If I sound paranoid...well, maybe I should be a little worried. Shawn and Tina both have learned some disturbing facts implicating John.

06:03 AM #
First, what Shawn found: The shortwave radio we had with us on the beachhead didn't work because the antenna wire had been sabotaged.

06:06 AM #
Only myself, Shawn, and John had access to the shortwave after I tested it the morning of our attack. I didn't cut it, obviously. #zombies

06:09 AM #
Shawn says he didn't cut it either, which leaves John. I trust Shawn more than John, but any accusation would be his word against John's...

06:12 AM #
...and since John is now being hailed as the "hero of Minocqua," any accusation from Shawn will look like more of their petty bickering.

06:15 AM #
Tina has learned something that has shaken her beliefs about John--her own brother. His story of what happened while he was trapped is fishy

06:18 AM #
Some young scouts--too young to fight--who had snuck out to watch the battle returned to Tesomas after John had gathered reinforcements...

06:21 AM #
They told her that they'd biked over to Tomahawk Lake, then found a canoe and used it to go up the chain to Minocqua Lake. #zompocalypse

06:24 AM #
They were crossing under the big Hwy 51 bridge leading to Minocqua Island when they saw John in his duck at some docks on the SW side.

06:27 AM #
The young boys didn't like John much since meeting him when the duck people arrived at Tesomas, and they didn't want to get in trouble...

06:30 AM #
So they hid. From under the bridge, they saw John go quietly from dock to dock using a trolling motor, debarking at each one briefly.

06:33 AM #
He would then go into some of the larger abandoned boats that were by then floating again at the docks they were tied to. #zompocalypse

06:36 AM #
John spent more time aboard two of the boats. When he came back out of them, he cut them loose. He must have hulled them because they sank.

06:39 AM #
After awhile, John put the boomboxes he was supposed to be using to distract the zombies from our beachhead on the end of a pier. #zombies

06:42 AM #
He knocked out some boards to isolate the end of the dock from shore, turned on the boomboxes, threw his oars overboard...and MOTORED away .

06:45 AM #
The boys said John was definitely safely driving his boat away westward as zombies started to swarm on the noisy boomboxes he'd left behind.

06:48 AM #
If what those kids told Tina is true, then there was a full day between when John went missing and when he got reinforcements. Where was he?

06:51 AM #
Shawn is convinced John is working with the Reapers. He cites the timing of their recent attack while we were trapped in Minocqua. #zombies

06:54 AM #
That sounds crazy to me. I think it's much more likely John is still working to regain sole leadership of the duck people. #zompocalypse

06:57 AM #
Regardless, I have to follow up on what those young scouts say they saw. Maybe there's some evidence to prove John's original story false.

07:00 AM #
I don't know how much time I have. The triumvirate of Tina, Shawn, and John is crumbling. The duck people are siding behind John again.

01:00 PM #
Shawn and I just got back from checking out the docks the young scouts reportedly saw John at while the rest of us were trapped here...

01:03 PM #
Everything the kids say they saw checks out. We found freshly-cut ropes at the docks where the boats John sunk were tied up. #zompocalypse

01:06 PM #
We drove around in the Mallard, using the fishfinder Shawn has on it to look for the sunken boats. We found too many to count. #zombies

01:09 PM #
Most of the sunken boats have probably been there for years, maybe some even predating Z-day. The two we seek might not even be among them.

01:12 PM #
The two John cut free from the docks might have drifted some distance away. I'm going to talk to those scouts to find out if they did.

01:15 PM #
What was special about those boats? Hell, I was driving John around when he first showed interest in them and I didn't notice anything.