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wausauloner - Tue Aug 13 2013

10:11 AM #
I talked with the young scouts that told Tina they saw John doing things that would indicate he lied to us about his actions around Minocqua

10:14 AM #
The two boys were just cub scouts when they and other scouts and their families found shelter at Tesomas Scout Camp after the zombies rose.

10:17 AM #
The scout culture still holds sway at what has become the largest survivor enclave we know of in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. #zompocalypse

10:20 AM #
So, when Tina caught them returning to Tesomas after they had snuck out to watch the fight for Minocqua, they fessed up and told everything.

10:23 AM #
They repeated what they said they saw to me. Their story hadn't changed, despite the fact that John's version has become the stuff of legend

10:26 AM #
They gave me some rough idea of where the boats John sunk might be. It sounds like they're in shallow water. Not that we can get to them.

10:29 AM #
But that fact might be changing: The plan was always to let the dam fail again so the water level would drop after Minocqua was de-zombied.

10:30 AM #
The higher water let us get ashore and narrow the land we had to secure, but now the greatest danger of zombies comes from those underwater.

10:33 AM #
By dropping the water level back to what it's been since the dam blew out years ago, we'll have a clearer view of any zombies coming out.

10:36 AM #
Shawn and I are going to go over to the dam and make sure it won't hold for much longer. Hopefully, John won't realize we sped things along.