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wausauloner - Wed Aug 14 2013

06:36 AM #
The water level around Minocqua is dropping rapidly. Our mischief at the dam has shown the expected results. John seems none the wiser.

06:39 AM #
As the water level drops, Shawn and I are going to take those young scouts who saw John that day to help locate the sunken boats. #zombies

06:42 AM #
Meanwhile, I have other news: Our alliance's radio teams have heard those strange, brief broadcasts we attribute to the Reapers more often.

06:45 AM #
Their brevity, strange sliding frequency pattern, and untrackability haven't changed. What has changed is that there are additional voices.

06:48 AM #
Some of our experts think the new voices are all replies because they follow the voice we've heard many times before. All are in code.

06:51 AM #
I was with Tina, Shawn, John, and the Tesomas leaders when the briefing came in via secret courier from The Farm Colonies. #zompocalypse

06:54 AM #
Somehow, the secret of those broadcasts leaked out. Shawn blames John, saying he did it to scare the duck people into leaving. #zombies

06:57 AM #
I'm concerned too. It sounds to me like Reaper infiltrators are in our territory, checking in with Anon using some trick we can't figure out