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wausauloner - Thu Aug 15 2013

04:54 AM #
The news leak about the Reaper broadcasts has had an impact among the duck people. John is rapidly building a coalition to usurp power.

04:57 AM #
John is actively trying to get Tina to vote with him to dissolve the leadership triumvirate they share with Shawn...She is gently refusing.

05:00 AM #
She's trying not to give John any hint of the fact that she, Shawn, and I suspect him of much worse than simply trying to be the boss again.

05:03 AM #
Public sentiment among the duck people is a problem. They remember John's warnings about the Reapers and bought his "heroism" at Minocqua.

05:06 AM #
More and more of the duck people are openly making plans for taking off with their amphibious craft and hiding in the Boundary Waters.

05:09 AM #
If that's what they really want to do...I can't stop them. I can't make them be a part of our alliance. ...but...based on a lie? It's wrong.

05:12 AM #
And then there's the possibility that John is indeed working with the Rapture's Reapers cultists... hold on

05:22 AM #
Sorry about that. A zombie ventured close enough to the cyclone fence to notice me, despite the privacy slats. It tried to get through...

05:25 AM #
It pressed its face up against the fence and saw me through the small slivers of space between the slats. I had to stick my knife in its eye

05:28 AM #
There are a few other zombies close enough that they are looking around to see what got the first one so excited. More coming. I'd better go