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wausauloner - Fri Aug 16 2013

06:27 AM #
We need to buy some time. John's followers are demanding a new election to vote Tina and Shawn out of their leadership roles. #zompocalypse

06:30 AM #
We need the time to find some evidence proving John's story of what he did during the battle for Minocqua was a lie. #zombie #zombies

06:33 AM #
The water is still dropping. We're hoping the sunken boats will be revealed, but dropping the whole chain is taking too long. #zompocalypse

06:36 AM #
We think we have located both missing boats. But nobody wants to go into deep, zombie-infested water to investigate them. We may have to.

06:39 AM #
Shawn and I are going to try to block off the inlet to Minocqua Lake from Tomahawk Lake. That might speed things along. #zompocalypse

06:42 AM #
Meanwhile, I've told Alan and Jack (two young men I met in 2010 who later became leaders at Tesomas) of our suspicions about John. #zombies

06:45 AM #
They're working other angles back at Tesomas, talking to everyone about the mystery burn pile and missing gear from the boat shop. #zombies

06:48 AM #
They're not being obvious about it, but there aren't many duck people left there anyway. Most have relocated to Minocqua for salvaging.

06:51 AM #
There's quite a bit of salvage to be found here because Minocqua fell to the zombies quickly, before survivors could use up supplies.

06:54 AM #
A lot of cans have burst during the four winters since the zombies rose and vermin got to some of the dried goods, but there's still plenty

06:57 AM #
Relations between the Tesomas survivors and the duck people are good. They're sharing the bounty of a zombie-free Minocqua without quarrel.