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wausauloner - Mon Aug 19 2013

04:53 AM #
I may never swim again.

04:56 AM #
We knew there were zombies in the water...that some would be close by...We just figured Shawn would see them before they got close.

04:59 AM #
We had to wait until near sunset so nobody would be around when we went to the sunken boat. Maybe we should have waited until morning...

05:02 AM #
...But we'd just heard that John plans to lead the duck people to the Boundary Waters as soon as Minocqua's salvage was rounded up. #zombies

05:05 AM #
So we pushed on... Shawn did a few loops around the sunken boat. He used his linked trolling motors to do it quietly. We saw no sign of Zs.

05:08 AM #
I got in the water and swam down to the sunken boat. The first thing I noticed was a rope, floating up, the end cut cleanly. #zompocalypse

05:11 AM #
I used the severed rope to pull myself down. I found several holes chopped into the hull by what had to be a fairly substantial axe. #zombie

05:14 AM #
The back of the boat was also knocked apart fairly badly. Something was hacked off of it, but whatever had been there was missing. #zombies

05:17 AM #
I'm not very good at holding my breath so I could only check out a little bit of the boat before returning to the surface. #zompocalypse

05:20 AM #
I guess I missed Shawn's signal before I went down the last time...I only caught a glimpse of the smashed up console of the big boat...

05:23 AM #
I didn't hear the knocking at first...If I had, Shawn wouldn't have had to bang louder on the side of the boat...I felt a hand first...

05:26 AM #
The zombie was yanking on my shorts...I was vulnerable...not wearing any of the heavy clothes that protect against a grazing zombie bite...

05:29 AM #
It had me and was pulling me down, keeping me from surfacing...I only lost it because I lost my shorts...But then other zombies closed in...

05:32 AM #
I heard Shawn's 22 crack again and again as I surfaced...Most of the dead were coming from deep water but that's the only way I could go...

05:35 AM #
I swam as fast as I could as close to the surface as I could as Shawn shot at the zombies that pursued under the water. I saw them reaching

05:38 AM #
Once I got to deeper, safer water, Shawn stopped shooting and pulled my naked ass out of the water. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:41 AM #
We're not going to check out the other boats. I didn't see anything conclusive down there on the first one and I'm not pushing my luck.