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wausauloner - Tue Aug 20 2013

06:30 AM #
Yesterday's underwater zombie encounter taught us that the damned undead are hard to keep track of down there. That makes them dangerous.

06:33 AM #
Nearly four years in, it's easy to take the dead for granted. Anybody still alive can handle a zombie or two fairly easily. On land, anyway

06:36 AM #
We didn't learn a heckuva lot from the sunken boat anyway. What did it have in common with the few out of many John targeted? #zompocalypse

06:39 AM #
They're bigger boats. Fancier boats. Boats the duck people might have wanted to claim back before they were reduced to amphibious craft only

06:42 AM #
Another apparent fact: John did more damage to the boats than he had to in order to make them sink. But why? All we know leads to questions.

06:45 AM #
I can't help but think it's important to find out what John was doing during the day he spent on his own while the rest of us were trapped.

06:48 AM #
There's a strong possibility John was out looking for other boats that met whatever criteria he had that made him want to wreck & sink these

06:51 AM #
Pressed for time, Shawn is out scouring the chain of lakes for other recently wrecked boats. Shorty and I are going to marine dealerships.

06:54 AM #
There might be some in Woodruff that were safer for John to hit while our beachhead in Minocqua kept the local zombie population distracted.