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wausauloner - Tue Aug 27 2013

08:24 AM #
Found another cell tower site with a working analog across the weakness between worlds generated by a mini-anomaly we're hauling around.

08:27 AM #
We found bicycles. A scrounged baby trailer carriers the bucket of zombie heads needed to generate the mini-anomaly that lets me tweet out.

08:30 AM #
We've had to take a really wide bypass of Minneapolis. The zombie count is very high even this far out. They stink terribly in this heat.

08:33 AM #
John is one of the survivors of the Reaper ambush. He's here with me. He wants to make some apologies. He feels guilty for many things.

08:36 AM #
He should. He is responsible for the Reaper ambush, though not directly. I know he was trying to do the right thing but it was bad judgement

08:39 AM #
We have to get moving again. Too many zombies are closing in. We've been here too long. Explaining John's actions will have to wait.