Twitter Fiction Reader

wausauloner - Wed Aug 28 2013

12:01 PM #
We're just outside Montgomery, Minnesota. We keep having to swing out wider from the big zombie horde spreading out from the Twin Cities.

12:04 PM #
Main highways are unsafe. We have to stick to country roads where fewer traffic jams make it easier to evade ever-present wandering zombies.

12:07 PM #
We've given up on pushing ourselves on these salvaged bicycles to get home quickly. We can't afford to be exhausted. We need our reserves.

12:10 PM #
Our days are cut short by the need to find a safe place to sleep each night. We scout areas where the zombies are thin and clear them out.

12:13 PM #
I watch my Blackberry for the appearance of bars, indicating that the deadhead bucket I'm towing is letting signals in from other worlds.

12:16 PM #
It led us to this spot. It seems a safe enough place to start a fire. We're boiling water to replenish our supplies & roasting some pigeons.

12:19 PM #
I think we're going to end up staying at a house near here for the night. More later. I've got to go help clear the neighborhood of zombies.

05:45 PM #
We’ve cleared all the zombies we could find around here and hope to get some real sleep tonight. We’re taking turns on guard duty.