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wausauloner - Fri Aug 30 2013

06:24 AM #
The bridge at Wabasha is out. The damage looks old. It might have happened even as far back as Zday, when the zombies first rose.

06:27 AM #
I went a few miles downstream and found a wrecked dam and lock system before returning to this tower site near Wabasha. #zompocalypse

06:30 AM #
Four years of unchecked spring flooding have ruined just about every part of the system. I hope others found a way across upstream. #zombies

06:33 AM #
This is our rally point. Everyone will come back here before we decide what our next step will be. I've cleared the local undead. #zombies

06:36 AM #
It's worthwhile noting that we've seen very few signs of any long-term survivors since we started our wide loop around the Twin Cities.

06:39 AM #
It's easy to see why not: It's dangerous here, even for experienced zombie fighters like us. Millions died here before learning how to live.

06:42 AM #
We've seen factories, farms, apartment buildings, and even small towns with some fortifications put up to keep the dead out. #zompocalypse

06:45 AM #
In each case there are signs that massive numbers of zombies overran the defenses. Dessicated bodies lie in windrows in some places.

06:48 AM #
Speaking of the undead, I see a couple have wandered into sight. I'd better get back to culling them before more gather. #zompocalypse

08:30 AM #
Those who went upriver found a place where the river widens and the current is slower. They also found a rowboat with oars. #zompocalypse

08:33 AM #
We're going to cross under the cover of darkness tonight--just in case Reapers are watching the river. It will take two trips. #zompocalypse

12:43 PM #
I'm doing a shift on watch so I'm giving my phone to John for awhile. He says he wants to come clean about his actions. #zombie #zombies

12:47 PM #
hello this is john typing now. i am so very sorry for what i have done. i only wanted to protect my people. i thought my way was best.

12:51 PM #
many months ago i led my people away from the home we'd made near wisconsin dells after the zombies wrecked everything. it wasn't safe.

12:55 PM #
it was getting harder to evade rapture's reapers cultists and the cannibal gangs from the south and east were raiding closer and closer.

12:59 PM #
they were fighting for territory and the wisconsin river was a bad place to be because it was their border. we escaped to lake winnebago.

01:03 PM #
we had other boats then and trailers and barges with weapons we found in a national guard depot. we fought off the reapers and cannibals.

01:07 PM #
we met other survivors and they told us about other travelers they'd met. one of them was this fellow from wausau. i sent shawn to find him.

01:11 PM #
i hoped shawn would return with news of a safe haven for us. unfortunately we had to leave lake winnebago earlier than we planned.

01:15 PM #
the reaper cult was still after us. i tried to use lake michigan to leave them behind. i figured they'd give up chasing our ducks.

01:19 PM #
but then we ran into some mutinous guys from some military unit. they had taken a coast guard cutter and become pirates. they robbed us.

01:23 PM #
we lost the last of our national guard weapons and boats then. all we got away with were our ducks because they could drive on land.

01:27 PM #
we had many wounded and some dead. i knew we would not be strong enough to survive the next skirmish with the reapers chasing us.

01:31 PM #
so i went to their camp under a flag of truce. i met this guy who called himself bishop french. not as crazy as that anon leader of theirs.

01:35 PM #
i told him i'd heard anon calling him on the radio berating him for not catching us. i told him both our groups would lose if we fought.

01:39 PM #
i was bluffing but french didn't know we'd lost most of our weapons. he did remember the losses we gave him each time we clashed before.

01:43 PM #
so i offered him a deal. i said we'd disappear far away and he could tell anon that we were shot up and wrecked on green bay, lost and sunk.

01:47 PM #
he agreed so i got us the hell out of there as fast and far as i could. i confiscated our peoples' radios and avoided contact with others.

01:51 PM #
well fastforwarding many months and shawn and tina find us and then this guy whose phone i'm using. word gets out to anon we're not dead.

01:55 PM #
and now i find my people pushing to join this alliance against the reapers. honorable but stupid. i still think we're all better off running

01:59 PM #
i became the odd man out. my friend and my own sister siding against me. i became a bystander in the group i used to lead

02:03 PM #
nobody else knew what i knew. i couldn't tell anyone the things that would make them understand. shawn and tina didn't live through it

02:07 PM #
they didn't have to make the call to go talk truce and lie like a tough guy after walking through blood earlier that same day

02:11 PM #
soon we end up at an old boy scout camp with survivors who are part of this alliance. i thought maybe it was far enough north for safety.

02:15 PM #
everyone knew the reapers had their eyes on wausau. that sick anon bastard was on the radio every night talking holy war about it.

02:19 PM #
i figured he'd attack the farm colonies and the alliance they led would die with pete. am i heartless? ya well, who wants to fight zealots?

02:23 PM #
so i knew if i waited for the attack my people would come back to me and we'd hit the road for the boundary waters and be safe

02:27 PM #
i made my own preparations for that trip, collecting supplies we'd need for the long trip. i was out scrounging alone when french found me

02:31 PM #
he wasn't a high and mighty bishop anymore but he did have enough guys with him to scare the hell out of me. they had a secret camp nearby

02:35 PM #
it turns out that anon demoted french after he found out my people were still alive. french walks funny now from the punishment he took

02:39 PM #
he said he was only alive because anon's plans required him to be alive. i didn't know then they also included taking our ducks.

02:43 PM #
i think the battery on this thing is dying. i know there are spares so i will finish my story later.

03:23 PM #
this is john typing. i still can't believe this guy's phone can reach other worlds. after seeing the dead rise i guess anything can happen.

03:27 PM #
i'm not telling my story and confessing to any make believe people. i only care that the people at the darpa station in wausau see these

03:31 PM #
i hope that what i share can help somehow in the fight with the reapers that's coming your way. anyway i have to get it off my chest

03:35 PM #
so, after french found me, he told me that he knew that i was on the outs with my people like he was with his.

03:39 PM #
and he said that anon's army was huge and there was no way the alliance against him could stop the reapers when they arrived

03:43 PM #
he said i could still get my people to safety and that he was the key. he said he'd give me information about an upcoming reaper attack

03:47 PM #
only to do so i had to do something for him. he knew my people and the tesomas group were working together around rhinelander and minocqua

03:51 PM #
he knew my people were getting the marine store supplies for our ducks. he said he wanted me to make sure any marine band radios disappeared

03:55 PM #
i agreed. i made a deal with the devil figuring i'd get the better of him later just like i fooled him the first time. i was so wrong

03:59 PM #
anyway i put myself in a position to sort scrounged gear. i dropped the radios brought back into a lake and burned the boxes they came in

04:03 PM #
i kept having secret meetings with french. i warned him my people were getting closer to joining the alliance. i slipped up then.

04:07 PM #
i told him too much about the planned joint attack on the zombies in minocqua. i didn't think he could do anything about it

04:11 PM #
but then he pulled out a satellite phone and called anon right then in front of me. that information led to the attacks on the border forts

04:15 PM #
french told me to use the attacks to get my people back. it was his idea to sabotage our radio so we couldn't hear about them. but i did it.

04:19 PM #
i take responsibility. and i admit i looked for and trashed marine radios during the siege. i knew french was watching me so i put on a show

04:23 PM #
i used the time our forces were trapped in minocqua to set up my heroic return. i timed it for maximum impact. i risked everyone's lives.

04:27 PM #
i even found and stashed a few marine radios for later use because i planned to turn the tables on french. i thought i could play both sides

04:31 PM #
well i did get to play the hero and between that and the reaper attack on the alliance's border forts, i soon had my people back

04:35 PM #
i pushed for us to head to the boundary waters and end the powersharing agreement i was stuck in with shawn and tina

04:39 PM #
i hid our departure preparations as much as i could so neither french nor the alliance would know we were gone until it was too late

04:43 PM #
that's when i saw shawn out on the chain of lakes, looking at a run aground boat i'd smashed up because it had a marine radio on it.

04:47 PM #
he saw me. we had an argument. he confronted me with my lies about minocqua and asked why i was destroying useful radio gear.

04:51 PM #
he accused me of working with the reapers. i wouldn't admit it to myself. i knew he was right. we fought. beat the hell out of each other.

04:55 PM #
he thought he won and dropped his guard. i knocked him out. tied him up on his own duck and anchored it in deep water.

04:59 PM #
i'm not a bad guy. i wasn't going to kill him or leave him where the damned zombies could get him.

05:03 PM #
i knew i had little time before shawn was found so i went back to minocqua and told everyone i'd fought with a reaper infiltrator

05:07 PM #
i said zombies found us and got the reaper but someone else started shooting at me so i ran. i said it was time to stay and fight or go.

05:11 PM #
i held a vote and only half of my people wanted to go. i was disappointed but knew the jig was up.

05:15 PM #
John is doing a shift on guard duty now so I have my phone back. I can pick up his story because I witnessed the vote.

05:18 PM #
I had just returned from my investigation at Plowman's Marine and couldn't find Shawn. John told me Shawn would lead those staying behind.

05:21 PM #
I knew something funny was going on. John picked up on my suspicion. He pulled me aside and we had a brief, private conversation.

05:24 PM #
He asked me to come along, to trust him despite everything, and all would be explained. That I _had_ to know what he would tell me soon.

05:27 PM #
So I left with the go-voters and their 20 zompocalypse-modded ducks, leaving Shorty with Tina. As we left, John told her where to find Shawn

05:30 PM #
I understood John well enough to know he meant me no harm, regardless of his obvious desperation. And I had to know what he knew.

05:33 PM #
I traveled with him in his duck. On the road, I told him I was at Plowman's Marine & knew he'd been hiding or destroying marine band radios.

05:36 PM #
He then showed me a stash of several of them, saying I should take them to the alliance when we parted because we'd need them soon.

05:39 PM #
We traveled quickly. John wanted to put as much distance between him and French. He kept looking back for signs we were being followed.

05:41 PM #
John filled me in on the deal with French. I was shocked and worried. I kept asking questions and John kept telling me more I didn't know.

05:43 PM #
As we neared the Minnesota border, we stopped when we saw a car in decent shape that I could drive use to drive back home.

05:45 PM #
We had just started to install a spare battery and fill the gas tank when one of John's people saw vehicles behind us: Reapers.

05:48 PM #
We postponed my departure and, as John had done many times to avoid Reapers before, he took the ducks into water to escape.

05:51 PM #
We went north on the St. Croix River. Our plan was to find a new car for me once we had gotten clean away from our pursuers.

05:54 PM #
Instead, we ran into an ambush on the river. Other Reapers were there waiting for us, knowing we'd drive right into their trap.

05:57 PM #
They had ducks themselves. Some looked like they'd sat in military collectors' junkyards for decades. Others said "Branson" on the side.

06:00 PM #
They got the drop on us, taking most of our ducks after a brief show of force. John piloted a few others out of there under fire.

06:03 PM #
All our remaining ducks got shot up some, damaging the only HAM radio we had left and nearly sinking a duck we ended up scuttling.

06:06 PM #
We were chased and nearly ran into another group of Reaper ducks coming up from the south—they'd set traps on both river routes.

06:09 PM #
But John had been using ducks for longer and he led us past the second group with some fancy piloting. They followed but slowly fell behind.

06:12 PM #
French was among the Reapers on the second group of ducks. It was clear he'd been maneuvering John into a trap to get more ducks all along.

06:15 PM #
We found ourselves on the Mississippi with the Twin Cities' massive zombie populations making getting off the river impossible.

06:18 PM #
So we kept heading upriver, hoping to come out safely on the other side somewhere. We were nearly there when Reaper boats caught up.

06:21 PM #
They must have put fresh batteries and fuel in some abandoned boats we passed. Our ducks couldn't go nearly as fast as those craft.

06:24 PM #
We had to go ashore to evade them. We found ourselves in a maze of blocked roads. We heard the Reaper ducks in the river, finally arriving

06:27 PM #
Our only chance of escape was to abandon our last four ducks and find safety on foot. We torched them so they couldn't be captured.

06:30 PM #
The Reapers pursued us. I don't know how long they did. We were more concerned with the immediate danger of countless flesh-eating zombies.

06:33 PM #
And so then the 8 of us--with few weapons, no transportation, and only meager supplies--knew we had to get back to our allies in Wisconsin

06:36 PM #
We had to warn our friends about what John told me and about the fact that the Reapers had located their own fleet of ducks.

06:39 PM #
We found a cell tower site quickly and got a mini-anomaly bucket going as fast as we could to get word back to Wausau. I hope it helps.

06:42 PM #
Well, time for this tweet-fest to end. We've got a river to cross. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse