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wausauloner - Sun Sep 01 2013

01:10 PM #
We crossed I94 near Hixton and are making camp near Alma Center. I'm not comfortable in this part of the state. #zombie #zombies

01:13 PM #
The last time I traveled this area was when I first discovered the existence of the Rapture's Reapers cult. That was 2010. #zombie #zombies

01:16 PM #
We passed three of the sick "living zombie" shrines the cultists put up at crossroads to claim this part of the state as theirs. #zombies

01:19 PM #
The wood frames and the metal wires and nails used to hold the still moving zombies in place in pseudo religious poses were badly weathered.

01:22 PM #
Some of the zombies were working their way loose. Maybe the Reapers haven't been around to maintain or repair the structures. #zompocalypse

01:25 PM #
One zombie managed to pull itself free from its imprisonment, though it left an arm behind. The shoulder gave before the wiring did.

01:28 PM #
I guess it saw us and got excited about having us for a meal. We rode by on our bicycles. We didn't stop to wreck any shrines this time.

01:31 PM #
We are going to get a good night's sleep tonight and head out at dawn tomorrow. Friendly territory is finally within our reach! #zombies