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wausauloner - Tue Sep 03 2013

06:45 AM #
I'm at my home, though it doesn't feel much like my place anymore. Pete runs the alliance from here, mostly from his bed. #zompocalypse

06:48 AM #
I've been in meetings with him as reports keep coming in from Stevens Point and other areas where the Reapers have been sighted. #zombies

06:51 AM #
We're still trying to piece together what is happening. We know our allies in Stevens Point are under heavy attack by the Raptures Reapers.

06:54 AM #
The attack somehow bypassed our border forts. None of our perimeter defenders or patrols saw them come in from somewhere to the east.

06:57 AM #
We're not sure how they did it, but the Reaper cultists were able to hit the Point enclave with dozens of their trademark zombie wagons.

07:00 AM #
The modified semi-tractor trailers smashed their way through the barriers the Stevens Point survivors had around their base at UWSP.

07:03 AM #
The trucks unloaded their undead cargo of zombies inside the inner perimeter the Point survivors put up to connect UWSP buildings. #zombies

07:06 AM #
Reapers following up behind the zombie wagons took up hidden positions nearby. So far, they seem to be content to contain our allies.

07:09 AM #
The Reapers have some very well-trained sharpshooters in their ringing force. Nobody inside the UWSP buildings can exit safely. #zombies

07:12 AM #
According to the radio, our allies in those buildings are hunkered down, letting the zombies wander around, not giving the Reapers targets.

07:15 AM #
Pete had Angie up in the helicopter we salvaged trying to get a view of what was happening. She aborted the mission after taking gunfire.

07:18 AM #
The bird landed safely but it needs some repairs. Angie wants to go back, insisting that she can fly high enough for safety. #zompocalypse

07:21 AM #
Angie and her spotter both had trouble seeing what the Reapers were up to before the mission was abandoned. They saw no obvious enemy camp.

07:24 AM #
Pete and I are going through scenarios, trying to figure out how the Reapers snuck in and launched this attack and what they'll do next.

07:27 AM #
He's had to pull back the southern and southeastern border guards after the Reapers showed up behind them. Other patrols are out observing.

07:30 AM #
A few observation posts (some far from the action) have gone silent, but only after the attack started. Our planned defense is falling apart

05:06 PM #
@Scruff7 Just got your tweets--The Anomaly isn't exactly predictable. By now I'm sure your questions are answered. Thanks for checking on me