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wausauloner - Wed Sep 04 2013

03:23 AM #
I've been camped out in the comm center up on Rib Mountain, trying to get a handle on snippets of intercepted Reaper radio traffic.

03:26 AM #
My reports about the Reapers using marine radios inspired the team here to adjust some of their HAM gear to monitor those frequencies.

03:29 AM #
We also have a few regular marine band radios. Our allies on Lake Michigan are gathering more for us. So far, we're only hearing coded calls

03:32 AM #
The calls are all brief, too short to be triangulated. What disturbs me is that some of the signals seem to be getting stronger--and nearer.

03:35 AM #
I was hoping knowledge of their comm methods would give us an edge. So far, it hasn't. We're also still picking those strange sliding freqs.

03:38 AM #
They're well into normal HAM radio bands. They're intermittent, like before, but they happen in a flurry now. Something's still building up.

06:01 AM #
Something isn't right about the Reapers' siege of our allies in Stevens Point. The Reapers aren't pushing their advantage. #zompocalypse

06:04 AM #
The Stevens Point survivors are safe for now in some very stout university buildings, though Reaper snipers have kept them pinned inside.

06:07 AM #
Pete's "military commanders" have gotten over the initial surprise of the Reaper attack. They're organizing a rescue attempt. #zompocalypse

06:10 AM #
Shawn is on his way down from Camp Tesomas with a contingent of ducks. The plan is to use their amphibious capabilities on Point's west side

06:13 AM #
That part of the city has been a mess since the Wisconsin River started wandering after the floods of 2010, when all the dams were wrecked.

07:55 AM #
One of our patrols got in a firefight with a Reaper motorcycle unit near Merrill. There was another sighting near Hatley. They're everywhere

07:58 AM #
Something's still off about this. We're only seeing small groups of Reapers and none of their heavy weaponry has been brought into action.

10:25 AM #
Jack and Alan report the Tesomas survivors have captured a Reaper squad in an ambush near Eagle River. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

10:28 AM #
They used those homemade ghillie suits of theirs to hide a team along a road, waiting for one of the swarming Reaper squads to come along.

10:31 AM #
The surviving Reapers aren't talking. They're real hardcore cultists, this group. There were no defectors this time around. Still no intel.

11:33 AM #
Shawn is here with the ducks. He and John have reconciled their differences. John be Shawn's second-in-command in the coming action.

11:36 AM #
Our forces are nearly assembled for action. They're heading to Point tomorrow. I'm staying here with a reserve unit, guarding Pete and Rib.

02:43 PM #
We have some advance scouts approaching Stevens Point from all sides. They're having trouble getting past the mobile Reaper units.

02:46 PM #
It's keeping us from getting a good idea of what we're going to face down there. I don't like the idea of us blindly going down there.

02:49 PM #
The siege of Point...the swarming patrols...these could all be meant to distract us from a more serious attack elsewhere, perhaps even here.

05:49 PM #
We just heard another flurry of coded shortwave broadcasts sliding down across the frequencies we've been monitoring. It had to be Reapers.

05:52 PM #
There were so many calls...we tried to triangulate them and got very strange results. The signals all seemed to come from the same source!

05:55 PM #
The strange thing is, that source MOVED...and fast. The whole thing lasted about 12 minutes. First, there was one longer coded phrase.

05:58 PM #
Then there were a series of the same brief response, all preceded by an alphanumeric combination, like "Oscar Niner, Rapid Mango"

06:01 PM #
Theories here on Rib Mountain range from it being the signal to attack to a call to retreat. There aren't enough clues to break the code.

06:04 PM #
Our forces are still heading to Stevens Point tomorrow to confront the Reapers besieging our allies there. I'm pushing for extra precautions