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wausauloner - Thu Sep 05 2013

02:34 AM #
Fighters have begun carefully making their way to Stevens Point. Units from Fort NTC and Tesomas are supporting a large Farm Colonies force.

02:37 AM #
There are trucks, boats, motorcycles, horses, and amphibious ducks involved. Our expenditure of precious fuel is going to be costly.

02:40 AM #
They should be crossing over to I39 at Kronenwetter soon. There, our infantry will dismount, spread out, and screen our vehicles. #zombies

02:43 AM #
Doing so will slow our forces down to a crawl, but the formation will prevent a surprise Reaper attack from crippling our motor transport.

02:46 AM #
The ducks will shadow our land forces, following the Wisconsin River down to Point to cover the west flank. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

02:49 AM #
Our fighters are armed with standard anti-zombie weapons, of course. They'll use them as needed on the way to Point. #zompocalypse

02:52 AM #
They've been training with rifles and the heavier weaponry being carried down in trucks. We are prepared for this fight with the Reapers.

02:55 AM #
I'm still up on Rib Mt. in the comm center. Pete is here now, too. He overruled Sue, who didn't want him to be moved. #zombies #zompocalypse

02:58 AM #
We'll be monitoring events as radio reports come in. It has been a quiet morning, so far. I don't expect it to stay that way. #zompocalypse

03:01 AM #
Surprisingly, we haven't heard a peep out of the Reapers today on the marine bands. Maybe they figured out we know to listen on them now.

03:04 AM #
But the Reapers' comms are a mystery we are trying hard to solve. They can't all have satellite phones like Bishop French, right? #zombies

03:07 AM #
I'm sure there's more to those coded messages we hear occasionally. They're doing something that makes triangulation impossible.

03:54 AM #
No contact with the enemy so far. Well, no human enemies. Our forces are stirring up a lot of zombie attention. Nothing they can't handle.

03:57 AM #
I've been passing time (and burning off nervous energy) by plotting all the recent encounters and Reaper sightings in our territory.

04:30 AM #
Call just came in from our allies in Mosinee. Their group is too small to lend fighters, but they've been keeping an eye out for Reapers...

04:33 AM #
They say they saw two men in a canoe, making like a bat out of hell in advance of our amphibious ducks coming downriver. We've been spotted.

04:45 AM #
A group of 8 Reaper cultists were seen heading south at a high rate of speed along Balsam Road. Pursuit was aborted. #zombies #zompocalypse

04:48 AM #
Our forces are not breaking formation to chase them down. We can't afford stumbling into a fight piecemeal. Damn, I wish we had the chopper.

04:51 AM #
Angie tested the helicopter this morning but the hydraulics are still iffy. With our obligation to our allies, we couldn't wait for it.

05:45 AM #
I've got a hunch. All the Reaper sightings lately have been happening in clusters. I think each motorcycle squad has a set territory.

05:48 AM #
The area around where the Tesomas survivors captured a Reaper squad has gone completely quiet. Other areas are still active, even today.

05:51 AM #
Pete thinks the people seen fleeing ahead of our fighters might be two parts of a group of Reapers responsible for harassing us in that area

05:54 AM #
If that's the case, then I think the two in the canoe were spotters or maybe controllers directing the motorcyclists. It makes sense...

05:57 AM #
...It would explain why the Reaper cyclists captured up north had no radios, frustrating our hopes of gaining intel about our enemies. Hmmm.

06:00 AM #
Pete is passing our theory on to Tesomas. They're going to try to find the minders responsible for running the cyclists in that area.

06:03 AM #
If our allies up north can find the minders, they might be able to figure out how our enemy is communicating without their marine radios.

07:07 AM #
Report out of Stevens Point: Reaper snipers have become trigger happy. Despite this news, we are not rushing our relief force into action.

08:10 AM #
Advance scouts say the former Sentry building on Point's north side, which was cleared of zombies by the Point survivors, is unoccupied.

08:13 AM #
We were worried the Reapers might have occupied it. It's built like a fortress and is up high on a hill. It would have blocked our approach.

08:16 AM #
Our forces are still a few hours away from reaching Point. It looks like they'll establish the Sentry building as their local base. #zombies

09:21 AM #
Another escalation in Stevens Point: Reapers are now lobbing tear gas through broken windows on the UWSP campus. Still no major attack.

10:32 AM #
Our main force is just a few miles north of Point. An advance team is making sure the Sentry building grounds are secure. #zompocalypse

10:35 AM #
The fenced-in property was used as a defensive staging ground and refugee center on Z-day as the zombie plague spread. It fell soon after.

10:38 AM #
We're fortunate that the Point survivors had recently cleared it of zombies. They salvaged some weaponry that will come in handy soon.

10:41 AM #
They're not going to break it out 'til we can join the fight against the Reapers. It looks like the earliest that will happen is tomorrow AM

10:44 AM #
Our fighters need a chance to rest at Sentry after the long trek down, fighting more zombies along the way than expected. #zombie #zombies

11:51 AM #
Our scouts found signs of recent Reaper activity in the Sentry building itself. They probably bugged out when they detected our approach.

11:54 AM #
I'm pretty sure I heard Evgeny's voice in the background. I know he's on a scout team today. Kurt is too. I have many friends in this fight.

12:25 PM #
Just got a report in from Tesomas: They found two Reaper minders in a hidden observation post! They were captured along with a HAM radio.

12:28 PM #
The Reapers were surprised but still managed to destroy a codebook in a small cooking fire. One scrap of paper was salvaged... #zompocalypse

12:31 PM #
The paper had a chart with times, dates and other figures on it. Two columns list compass directions. Another: numbers with degree symbols.

12:34 PM #
The chart is being described and duplicated here. It's fairly simple. We just don't know what it means! #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

12:37 PM #
In other news, the scouts we have at the Sentry building say one floor of the parking ramp is clear enough to house and protect our vehicles

12:40 PM #
We'll need the shelter of all that concrete if the Reaper cultists bring into play the mortars that they used when they hit our border forts

01:01 PM #
The comm team up here on Rib thinks they have the captured chart figured out. It might be a list of satellite overflights! #zompocalypse

01:04 PM #
Some of the times and dates on the list correspond to those flurries of radio intercepts we haven't been able to track. It all fits:

01:07 PM #
The Reapers must have found out how to predict the orbits of some old amateur radio repeater satellites, using them to relay coded signals.

01:10 PM #
By keeping their messages short and their antennas pointing up, they kept us from triangulating the locations of their infiltrators.

01:16 PM #
We'll know for sure in a few minutes: Another pass is scheduled from 5:30 to 5:42. This time, we'll be ready. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

01:27 PM #
We and all our allies, even our forces nearing Point, have directional antennas pointed towards suspected Reaper outposts. We're ready.

01:33 PM #
We're picking up Reaper broadcasts on the expected frequencies! This time, we're ignoring the doppler-shifting satellite relay signal...

01:36 PM #
We're picking up the less powerful signals we thought were mere harmonic echoes before...getting some vectors...triangulating...

01:39 PM #
We've got good locks on several Reaper positions. Most are around Point now, primarily east and south. One busy station in Plover...

01:42 PM #
Signals near Point have stopped transmitting. A few north, east, and west of Wausau are calling dropping off. The pass is over.

01:45 PM #
We're charting all the broadcast sites. We still don't know the Reaper code, but we know where they are. This is priceless information.

01:48 PM #
Should we vector in our own forces to take out all these Reaper infiltrators? Or should we play dumb and hope to learn more. Hold on...

01:51 PM #
??? One Reaper radio signal definitely came from inside the Sentry building. Our forces are moving into it, unaware...Shit...It's a trap!