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wausauloner - Fri Sep 06 2013

05:27 AM #
I'm a few miles north of Stevens Point. Smoke is still rising from the ruins of the Sentry building to the south. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:30 AM #
This was the designated rally point if things went FUBAR. They did, and now survivors of the detonation are trickling in.

05:33 AM #
There are more than I expected, but fewer than I hoped. We lost some good people. I don't know if Kurt or Evgeny made it out. #zompocalypse

05:36 AM #
It will be awhile before we know for sure what happened, if ever. I suspect the Reapers had a truck bomb pre-positioned in the parking ramp.

05:39 AM #
A hidden Reaper cultist willing to blow themselves up was left there with the bomb, waiting for our forces to occupy the "empty" building.

05:42 AM #
All the cultist had to do was wait until they could kill as many of our people as possible and set off the bomb, collapsing the structure.

05:45 AM #
After we charted the origin of the radio call that came from inside the Sentry building, we called our people and had them pull out of there

05:48 AM #
The survivors who've made it here tell us that the column was reversed and most of our people got clear. Others searched for the cultist.

05:51 AM #
At some point, either because the cultist was about to be discovered or they figured out our forces were leaving, they hit the switch.

05:54 AM #
We could see the fireball and smoke in the sky up in Wausau. I took one of our reserve squads down to see what I could do. #zompocalyspe

05:57 AM #
Fires started by the explosion have kept us from getting close and scattered the survivors. We're doing the most good here, treating wounded

07:45 AM #
Shawn, John, and our amphibious ducks have been rescuing survivors of the Sentry explosion who made it out to the west ahead of the flames.

07:48 AM #
Kurt is among them. Still no word on Evgeny. He could be among the several score still missing and feared dead.

07:51 AM #
The fires are dying down but now the undead are making rescue efforts difficult. They were attracted by the smoke and flames. #zompocalypse

07:54 AM #
The zombies have helped spread the fires in some places. They walk through the flames, heedless of damage or pain, their clothes lighting up

07:57 AM #
Unless they get into a particularly hot area where their brains cook, they just wander around until the flames burn out. #zompocalypse

10:15 AM #
Evgeny is alive. He's got a concussion, a few burns, and a broken arm. We've got a lot of walking wounded in about the same shape. #zombies

10:18 AM #
It looks like we only lost about 10% of our vehicles. We'll salvage most of what they carried. Few people died, but many are hurt.

10:21 AM #
Nearly half our force is in no shape to fight and most of the rest are occupied with recovery efforts and caring for the injured. #zombies

10:24 AM #
This is the situation as we get bad news from our allies at UWSP where the Reapers have stepped up their attack, moving in heavy weaponry.

10:27 AM #
The Reapers might not have succeeded in knocking us out of the fight for good, but they may have us on our heels long enough to win in Point

08:50 PM #
We've fought off three tentative Reaper attacks. I think they expected us to have been annihilated in the explosion at the Sentry building.

08:53 PM #
Word is that the attack on our allies at UWSP continues to build. Clearly, more Rapture's Reaper cult forces have been joining the fight.