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wausauloner - Sat Sep 07 2013

06:01 AM #
I had a conversation with Pete that also involved Jack and Alan from Tesomas. Our plan re the Reaper minders we triangulated is as follows:

06:04 AM #
...Everywhere the Reapers appear to be running harassment activities to pin our forces down will be targeted for surveillance, not attacks.

06:07 AM #
Jack and Alan and others who've become good with their ghillie suits will try to seize the opportunity to watch the enemy conduct itself.

06:10 AM #
Now that we know how they're communicating, we're going to try to break their code. That would give us an edge in the main battle down here.

06:13 AM #
There are two sites nearby too close to large enemy forces for us to do anything about. We're still holding our own here at the rally point.

06:16 AM #
Our allies in Point itself are not faring as well. Casualties are still low but they've had to abandon the north quad of UWSP. #zombies

06:19 AM #
They were able to move out the people they had in those buildings under cover of night. The Reapers detected the move too late to stop it.

06:22 AM #
In a way, the Reapers' use of zombie wagons made it easier for the evacuation to get a head start without being detected:

06:25 AM #
All those zombies that were in the semi tractor-trailer rigs they crashed through the fences at UWSP helped camouflage our friends' escape.

08:52 AM #
Shawn and John (surprisingly--I guess he really wants to make amends) want to hit the west flank of the Reapers besieging our allies at UWSP

08:55 AM #
The amphibious ducks are our only intact force here right now. I can't let them go in unsupported, even on a hit and run raid. #zompocalypse

08:58 AM #
I reminded them that Bishop French probably has more ducks than we do now, and we don't know where they are. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse