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wausauloner - Sun Sep 08 2013

06:55 AM #
A sure sign that we're getting our act together here at the rally point where we've been recovering after the explosion: No Reaper attacks.

06:58 AM #
We've firmed up our perimeter, repaired many vehicles, moved gear from those that couldn't be fixed, and licked our wounds. #zompocalypse

07:01 AM #
Reaper skirmish lines came forward a couple times late yesterday. Our best shooters made them pay. They know now that a half effort won't do

07:04 AM #
It would appear that they're now just trying to hold us in place while more reinforcements continue to whittle down the defenses at UWSP.

05:55 PM #
The UWSP survivors are planning to evacuate some people trapped on the north side of campus. They're retreating to a few key buildings.

05:58 PM #
They want us to help them out with a diversionary attack on the Reaper forces on that side of campus. We go in at 2 AM. #zompocalypse

09:15 PM #
We've got a fix on the Reapers pinning us. Our infantry will engage them while our mobile forces sweep out to hit the siege force at UWSP.