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wausauloner - Mon Sep 09 2013

02:21 AM #
We made a lot of noise here and on the north side of the UWSP campus. Our raiders wrecked a Reaper camp there. Mission accomplished.

02:24 AM #
I don't think there were many casualties on either side, but the Reapers couldn't interfere with the evacuation. #zompocalypse

02:27 AM #
When our motorcycle and horse-mounted forces left, the Reapers were already having to deal with zombies attracted by the fighting and fires.

06:37 AM #
It appears that the Reapers have a couple of well-defended camps on the south side of campus. Our scouts can't get close. #zompocalypse

06:40 AM #
They are tightening the noose around our allies, who are now pinned down in six central academic buildings. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

06:43 AM #
A couple of those buildings were their original base when the zombies rose 4 years ago. They're well-defended and self-sufficient. #zombies

06:46 AM #
Both sides are using heavy weapons sparingly. Ours is waiting for good targets. Theirs? Probably doing the same. Ammo supplies are limited.

06:49 AM #
The problem is, the Reapers are still bringing in more forces from down south. At some point, they'll make a push. We're trying to be ready.

09:34 AM #
We just heard a large explosion in Point. Our allies are on the radio, saying the Reapers found a surprise they left in one of the dorms.

09:37 AM #
That should keep the Reapers from investigating the other abandoned buildings for awhile. We have plans for them as this fight continues...

09:40 AM #
The bomb wasn't as big as the one the Reapers left for us at the Sentry building, but now they know both sides can play that game. #zombies

03:14 PM #
We just fought off a half-hearted Reaper response to our overnight raid. It seems like the cultists felt they needed to put on a show.

11:11 PM #
A Reaper sniper just hit one of our unit commanders, killing her instantly. We think the shooter snuck in close during the earlier raid.

11:14 PM #
Two more snipers opened up when we went after the first. The earlier raid's purpose must have been to let them get close enough to shoot.

11:17 PM #
We lost three people. It looks like we wounded two of the shooters (one badly, based on the blood trail), but they got away. #zompocalypse

11:20 PM #
The snipers probably would have done more damage if they'd waited until daylight. Maybe they acted early because one of them saw a VIP.