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wausauloner - Tue Sep 10 2013

04:12 AM #
A fresh zombie with a scoped rifle slung on its back is walking near our camp. Looks like we mortally wounded one of the snipers last night.

04:41 AM #
We lured the sniper/zombie to our defensive position by making some noise. We let it climb over a wall before putting it down. #zombies

04:51 AM #
The zombie didn't have any documents or maps on it. I suppose we shouldn't have expected anything. It was probably a suicide mission.

06:45 AM #
We've been scanning marine band radio frequencies, expecting the Reapers to use them. Not a peep. They must be saving them for a special op.

06:48 AM #
With all the moves and counter moves both sides are making, this conflict is turning into a chess game. Problem is, they keep adding pieces.

06:51 AM #
We're trying to do the same. We don't have the numbers they do, but we have the advantage of defending known terrain. #zombies #zompocalypse

08:45 AM #
Units from our allies on Mackinac Island are coming to help us. They're bringing some of the weaponry captured from the pirates last year.

08:48 AM #
I've been busy on the radio arranging that assistance. Still hoping to get some direct assistance from Dent and his men at Point Beach.

11:14 AM #
The Reapers have started occupying buildings in the blocks immediately around the inner redoubt held by our allies on the UWSP campus.

11:17 AM #
The zombie count near the campus is down. Our allies there think the Reapers have started re-capturing the ones they turned loose. #zombies

11:20 AM #
We expected that. Now that our allies are pinned down inside a few buildings by people with guns, the zombies are just getting in the way.

11:23 AM #
The Reapers will use their harpoon-like "holy" staffs to capture the zombies, load them into trucks, and use them in another attack. #zombie

02:12 PM #
Word from up north is that we have a Reaper outpost under surveillance. Other attempts are being called off so we don't tip off our enemy.

05:31 PM #
Anon is on the HAM radio tonight after a 2-day absence. He claims to be in Stevens Point. If we could get him, we could end this! #zombies

05:34 PM #
We have to believe that the cult would fall apart without him. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse