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wausauloner - Thu Sep 12 2013

05:48 AM #
Jack, Alan, and a few others from the Tesomas survivor camp who have experience sneaking around with ghillie suits are here. #zompocalypse

05:51 AM #
In the four years since the zombies rose and civilization fell, everything has become overgrown, even in cities. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:54 AM #
The ghillie suits have become more useful as vegetation has taken over and the people who use them have gotten more practice wearing them.

05:57 AM #
Jack was just telling us how a zombie actually walked over him while he was out looking for Reapers a couple days ago. #zombie #zompocalypse

06:00 AM #
He says that if you lie still in the right kind of cover and move only when you know nothing alive (or dead) can see you, you're invisible.

06:03 AM #
These special scouts are going to go out with support teams to sneak in close to Reaper camps and outposts. They will avoid contact.

06:06 AM #
We need information so we won't be sending these people on suicide missions like the snipers the Reapers recently sent after us. #zombies

06:09 AM #
These missions are still risky. If the Reapers have any night vision equipment, the ghillie suits don't provide much protection after dark.

06:12 AM #
Our side only has one pair of night vision goggles. They'd come in handy here, but they're being used up in Wausau by Pete's personal guard.

06:15 AM #
We're operating under the theory that Anon would be guarded by their best fighters and that they'd have the best equipment, too...

06:18 AM #
...So our special scouts will not be trying to get close to Anon. We have to assume they've found at least some night vision gear by now.

08:44 AM #
Angie reports that the helicopter should be airworthy once more. Next time we make a move, I want to have her eyes in the sky. #zompocalypse

11:26 AM #
Angie took the helicopter up over Wausau to test her repairs and see how much she could see from up high. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

11:29 AM #
She says that if she stays out of rifle range, her reconnaissance value would be limited to locating large Reaper troop concentrations.

11:32 AM #
That would still be very helpful. Having the advantage of knowing where large Reaper units are would be invaluable when our main body moves.

01:01 PM #
The Reapers are still using a satellite repeater to communicate over long distances. We don't think they know that we know they're doing it.

01:04 PM #
We haven't cracked the codeword system they're using. That may take some time. They don't give us much to work with. #zombies #zompocalypse

05:10 PM #
Anon's broadcast station, if not the cult leader himself, is definitely at the main Reaper camp in Point. We're triangulating his signal now

05:13 PM #
His HAM radio rants are ramping up again. He does this whenever he's sure his cultists are going to win a fight. #zombies #zompocalypse