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wausauloner - Fri Sep 13 2013

05:49 AM #
We're getting reports from our scouts telling us that the Reaper cultists are still bringing more forces up on I39 to Stevens Point. #zombie

05:52 AM #
It sounds like the Reaper army now moves mostly on foot, though elite units have vehicles of all kinds. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse

05:55 AM #
Meanwhile, here on the north side of Stevens Point, we're getting more reinforcements ourselves, though most are guarding our rear.

06:28 AM #
With our allies in Point sustaining few casualties while the Reapers build up, we're content to let all the pieces fall into place...

06:31 AM #
We have many people out in the fields now, making sure the harvest is taken in before cold (or Reaper action) costs us our winter provisions

06:34 AM #
We are fully aware that the Reapers, plunderers that they are, count on taking it from us later. We aim to prevent that. #zompocalypse

06:37 AM #
Their army is so big that they can't afford not to win battles. We want to make them pay in time & blood, then rob them of the spoils of war

06:40 AM #
We can't win a stand-up fight. So the strategy we're working on is part guerilla warfare, part rope-a-dope, and part scorched earth.

06:43 AM #
We knew all along--as did our allies holding on in UWSP--that our first battle with the Reapers might go this way. We planned for it.

06:46 AM #
Starting in less than 72 hours from now, we're going to start testing how the Reapers react when we start to show our teeth again. #zombies