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wausauloner - Sat Sep 14 2013

04:14 AM #
New wrinkle in our fight with the Reapers: They've begun using recreations of medieval siege weapons in their attack on the UWSP campus.

04:17 AM #
It's kind of fitting. Some of those buildings are like castles, built during the 1960s with features designed to resist anti-war riots.

04:20 AM #
Maybe I'll regret making light of this. I think maybe it's actually a good sign: The Reapers' supply of military ordinance is limited.

04:23 AM #
Regardless, it will take a long time for the rubble the Reapers are hurling at those buildings to make a difference. We need every day.

12:22 PM #
The last of our badly wounded people from the disaster at the Sentry building have been evacuated. Our lost vehicles have been replaced.

12:25 PM #
With the fighters our allies have brought in, we're considerably stronger now than when we got here. So are the cultists, unfortunately.

07:28 PM #
@WausauLoner About 900 in this camp outside Point.