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wausauloner - Tue Sep 17 2013

02:30 AM #
The Reapers have responded to yesterday's attacks. They hit our allies under siege hard, taking the library overnight. #zombie #zompocalypse

02:33 AM #
Our allies within made them pay, but chose retreat when defeat was inevitable. Now the science building is in trouble and will be abandoned.

02:36 AM #
Meanwhile, our riflemen up in the dorms on the north side of campus are keeping the Reapers on that side at bay. And we have this big news:

02:39 AM #
We've captured the campus steam plant. With it, we have access to the main underground trunk lines that provided heat in winter before Zday.

02:42 AM #
Starting tonight, we're finally able to begin evacuating people trapped inside the academic buildings still surrounded by the Reapers.

02:45 AM #
Setting up the evacuation has always been our goal. Now we must hold this side of the tunnels and keep the Reapers from figuring out why.

07:54 AM #
We're not getting much intel from the Reapers who surrendered to us. Those that are eager to talk don't know much. Those that knew are dead.

09:35 AM #
Angie is making another overflight of Reaper-controlled parts of Point to confirm some things she saw -- and didn't see -- yesterday.

09:38 AM #
First: What she didn't see. The Reaper ducks were not visible, tho with so much of the west side of Point flooded, they could be anywhere.

09:41 AM #
Also missing: large concentrations of Reaper infantry. We expected the reason for their late, slow arrival was because they had to walk.

09:44 AM #
Instead, it appears that the Reapers moved in large numbers of zombies and are bringing in still more. They're penned up in special corrals.

09:47 AM #
They have many, many zombie wagons parked away from their main camp--downwind--so we suspect they're keeping more zombies inside them, too.

09:50 AM #
The Reapers must be planning on using Zs in further attacks elsewhere in our territory. The zombie wagons certainly wouldn't help at UWSP.

09:53 AM #
There's no way to ram those zombie wagons into the buildings to disgorge their undead cargo. That tactic works on fences and walls only.

09:56 AM #
I guess the Reapers are confident that they'll win in Point soon and can use their zombie wagons to hit The Farm Colonies before we recover.

11:09 AM #
Angie got a better look at the Reaper camp SE of the siege itself. They're set up on Goerke Field and in the surrounding area.

11:12 AM #
She says the Reapers brought in heavy digging machines, which they were using to put up defensive berms to keep us and wandering zombies out

11:15 AM #
We don't plan on attacking a strong fixed position like that anyway. Now, here's some more interesting news: Angie saw ripples on the river.

11:18 AM #
Specifically, there were fading swells on the water where the river spreads out on the west side of Point. Something had to cause them.

11:21 AM #
She thinks a Reaper duck or boat moved under cover as she approached, hiding successfully but leaving a fading, telltale wake in the water.

11:24 AM #
They might not have been noticeable from the ground, but Angie could see how the sun reflected off the swells differently from above.

11:27 AM #
There are several flooded pole barns in the vicinity of where she saw the swells. I'd bet the Reapers are basing their ducks inside of them.

02:18 PM #
We've been working hard to maintain a clear route from the power plant to this rally point. The evacuation begins as soon as it gets dark.

06:21 PM #
The evacuation of our allies trapped in the UWSP academic buildings is on hold. The Reapers are making a move on the dorms we hold. #zombies

07:52 PM #
The action on the north quad at UWSP has slowed. It's too dangerous to re-start the evacuation, for now. #zombie #zombies #zompocalypse