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wausauloner - Wed Sep 18 2013

05:05 AM #
The Reaper siege of Stevens Point is going slower than I expected. I thought the Reapers would have made a big move by now. #zompocalypse

05:08 AM #
I'm not going to complain too much. Their slow pace has now extended beyond some growing seasons, thanks to recent frosts. #zompocalypse

05:11 AM #
@shibby917 Our scouts can't get close to the pens. They're at the main Reaper camp. Too well-defended. And I am VERY worried about the ducks

05:11 AM #
Processing and preservation of the crops will continue for awhile. Every day, however, releases more people to the fight from other tasks.

05:19 AM #
@shibby917 The zombie pens are east of the flooded areas of Stevens Point. Using the chopper as a bomber is out--can't fly low enough safely

07:18 AM #
I'm trying to get a ghillie-suited scout close to where we think the Reaper ducks are hidden. Shawn and John want to take them out. #zombies

07:21 AM #
Our deep-cover scouts report that the Reapers are traveling in larger groups than usual for security. I guess our hit-and-run raids are over

07:24 AM #
They're seeing a lot of zombie collection by Reaper harpoon teams. Sometimes, the same truck is filled more than once. #zombie #zompocalypse

07:27 AM #
It seems that they're putting more priority on filling their zombie wagons than capturing UWSP. Maybe they're content to starve it out.

07:30 AM #
They're going to be so pissed when they realize we're sneaking out all the survivors and their supplies through underground steam tunnels!

10:28 AM #
We've cleared the Reapers away from the buildings we hold on the north side of campus again. Snipers on both sides are pinning everyone down

10:31 AM #
With any luck, we'll be able to continue evacuating people from UWSP again tonight. There are still noncombatants to get clear of here.

12:23 PM #
It looks like our forces and those of the Reapers are settling into a new equilibrium. They're in a tight ring around the ongoing siege.

12:26 PM #
They've moved in more troops and have begun carefully occupying the the quad just south of the Debot Center. It's a staring contest. #zombie

12:56 PM #
@Scruff7 We keep checking on that possibility. We are also on guard against another attempt to assassinate Pete. Dent is there now.

05:52 PM #
All the children & elderly have been evacuated through the UWSP steam tunnels. The remaining defenders are now sending out crucial supplies.

05:55 PM #
Not everything can be moved out. Some gear will be destroyed in place so the Reapers can't get any spoils of war when they "win." #zombies

06:15 PM #
Another careful pause in the evacuation. One of our outposts along the evacuation corridor sees some "zombies" that don't look right.

06:18 PM #
They're moving a little too purposefully, like they're trying to get close to the dorms we hold without looking like they've got a goal.

07:41 PM #
We were right. The Reapers sent in troops pretending to be undead, thinking we wouldn't waste bullets on them. They guessed wrong. #zombies

07:44 PM #
The shooting, however, has attracted enough real zombies to make us cease evacuation operations for the night. #zombie #zombies #apocalypse

08:56 PM #
RT @TheAuntSheila: Every time I hear a politician talking about "trickle down" economics I imagine a Hooker peeing on him