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wausauloner - Thu Sep 19 2013

02:44 AM #
Our allies under siege on the UWSP campus have pulled back into the Collins Classroom Center and the College of Professional Studies.

02:47 AM #
They have token forces in the Fine Arts Center and the College of Natural Resources building. The Science Building is now completely empty.

02:50 AM #
All that was of value that could be removed from those buildings is in the steam tunnel, ready to be removed from our end. #zompocalypse

02:53 AM #
The CNR, FAC, and Science buildings are all booby-trapped to rob the Reapers of any gain when they take those buildings. #zompocalypse

02:56 AM #
The COPS and CCC buildings will be held as long as possible so everybody and everything salvageable that can be removed will be removed.

02:59 AM #
Those last two buildings might be able to hold on for a long time. Volunteers will defend them as long as possible to make the Reapers pay.

06:25 AM #
Our allies inside the siege of UWSP say the Reapers figured out that the CNR, FAC, and science buildings were evacuated during the night...

06:28 AM #
They hit each building with a bulldozer to let elite troops in thru downed walls. The booby traps, at entrances and windows, did little harm

06:31 AM #
The Point survivors' rear guard in those buildings were cut off from the concealed entrances to the steam tunnels. Some didn't make it out.

10:43 AM #
Confirming: The Rapture's Reapers cultists have taken all but the CCC & COPS buildings in their siege of the central part of the UWSP campus

10:46 AM #
Most of the booby traps in those buildings failed or were figured out by the Reapers after they breached walls instead of doors. #zombies

10:49 AM #
Original berms & walls built by the Point survivors after the zombies rose will prevent that trick from working on the CCC & COPs buildings.

10:52 AM #
However, we don't know what other tricks the Reapers have up their sleeves. Those damned cultists have learned a lot through constant combat

01:01 PM #
Our allies in the CCC and COPS buildings on the UWSP campus hear many motors to their SE. They're opening up with their reserve weapons.

01:04 PM #
They've got a few carefully hoarded Army Reserve mortars in shelters up on the roof of the CCC building. They've been waiting for a target.

01:30 PM #
The Reapers' own artillery have answered the UWSP mortars, suppressing their fire. We don't know if they hit anything. #zombie #zompocalypse

03:01 PM #
The UWSP mortars might have stalled an attack. Our allies report no sound of motor vehicles from the SE at this time. #zombies #zompocalypse